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This is an online tutoring review service to help you study for the PRAXIS™ SLP examination for Speech-Language Pathology. It is designed for Graduate Level Speech Therapists who are trying to become Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists.  The Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology is part of a set of requirements for ASHA™ certification and most state licensing requirements for speech-language pathologists.
Included in this site are practice test questions, case study, simulations, audio, study buddy, test strategies and content material to help students pass the SLP Praxis national exam.
Content material
includes communicative disorders,aphasia,auditory process, central auditory processing disorder, apraxia,dyspraxia,TBI, swallowing, fluency, dysfluency, stuttering, cluttering, voice disorders,intonation,semantics,pragmatics,morphology,articulation,misarticulation,autism,pervasive development disorder, and other topics
If you need SLP Praxis test requirements get your CCC and test dates contact ASHA to find out the current requirements and procedures, which may vary from state to state. Only they can give you OFFICIAL and CURRENT answers to your important questions.
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